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Win10 mobile phone system accounted for the slow increase of prospects – Sohu digital   Zhongguancun online news: Although Microsoft launched Lumia  950 950XL and Lumia  650 models, introductory paragraph; but not for a long time to attract more users of other platforms to jump to the Windows& nbsp; Mobile platform, AdDuplex has recently released a version of the system win the proportion of mobile phone system, Win10 has a long way to go. Provide the iris authentication Lumia  950XL domestic market performance is very general;     according to AdDuplex capture information display, Win10 mobile phone system is the latest in all mobile phone system accounted for only about 12%, and the slow growth of Win10 system accounted for mainly by the pre installed version of the system Lumia  950 series of support, at present; most of the Win mobile phone users are still using Win  8.1.     in the domestic market, Microsoft Lumia series models is difficult to enter the list of consumers, even Win users Tucao holding their own intelligent machines, but also have a function of life, are not even a taxi software. Of course, in addition to the ecological problems left over by history, the function and configuration is also a large gap between the high cost of Android phones.相关的主题文章: