Women add strange QQ online account 800 thousand fried crude oil only left the police only 120 thous-segotep

The woman with strange QQ online account of the 800 thousand crude oil fried only 120 thousand alarm – Beijing China Jiangxi Jinxi, Chen Liping, sun Qing news reporter Zhou Wenping reports: Recently, residents of Jinxi County, Ms. Wang to the public security organs to reflect: she added a strange QQ as a friend, enter a Dalian renewable resources trading system the loss of about 600000 yuan to buy Crude oil. The original early August Ms. Wang in the QQ to add a stranger as a friend, said the other side is the Dalian renewable resource exchange clerk. The other told Ms. Wang, this exchange is approved by the Dalian municipal government, with approval, is legitimate, do spot crude oil, T+0 can do the real-time transaction, two-way operation can buy or buy up, as long as well with the teacher can earn money, do not understand it does not matter, there is one teacher professional instruction. At the same time, if the commitment to invest 1 million yuan, send professional teacher QQ instructions, not make compensation package. Ms. Wang heard tempted, then raised 800 thousand yuan, in the exchange trading system opened. The other commissioned a leaf teacher one-on-one instruction of Ms. Wang in QQ. Ms. Wang followed the operation, began to have a small surplus, has been a loss until the account is only 120 thousand yuan. Ms. Wang to see the situation is not right, so the withdrawal of the remaining funds. Ms. Wang felt cheated, so contact with each other, hoping to get back their losses of about 600000 yuan. Soon, a person claiming to be Dalian Chang Yuan Commodity Co., Ltd. is responsible for the handling of complaints by adding Ms. Wang’s QQ. The other side said Dalian Chang Yuan Commodity Co., Ltd. is a regular company, the company headquarters in Shanghai. They met in Shanghai at the request of Ms. wang. Wang asked to recover the loss of 600 thousand yuan, the two sides did not talk about. After Ms. Wang has been in contact with QQ and reparations, the other promised compensation for 80 thousand yuan, but Ms. Wang must all account information will be destroyed, and no longer pursue the signed agreement with the other party, Ms. Wang did not agree. Police remind, with high returns under the banner of the investment and financing way is often not reliable, encountered such a situation to be careful, remember that the sky will not fall, to withstand all kinds of network "ulterior motives" temptation, so as not to be deceived.相关的主题文章: