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Wuhan red horse groom greet the bride downtown police: not desirable (Figure) – Beijing led the way to marry the bride groom. Double V reporter Zhao Yanping for the newspaper news (reporter Shang Ji intern correspondent Cheng Jiayi Tian Guizhou dual V reporter Zhao Yanping) red robed groom riding on a white horse, behind the procession were holding a "wedding" "Hi" "house" brand, the bride sitting in the team the sedan, near Jiangxia stadium, a man attracted many passers-by stopped to watch the procession. According to witnesses Liu introduced, at that time, the procession of more than and 20 people, all dressed in red coats, along the lane main road walking slowly, she felt that her very novel way, but in the downtown area but some people worry about riding the wedding. Fortunately, when the road vehicles less, did not cause traffic jams. The insider said, the groom surnamed Li, who lives in Jiangxia bear public road side, the bride surnamed Liu, who lives in the western suburbs of the road, two people love each other after 4 years of marriage. Resident Mr. Zhao believes that marriage is a happy thing, can be unique, but in case of horses on the road or frightened, road vehicles more, will pose a threat to the personal safety of people, may also cause traffic jams. Is it a violation of the law to ride a horse on a motor vehicle? In this regard, Jiangxia district traffic police department believes that the move is not desirable, once the traffic accident, to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Our current law does not expressly prohibit motorized vehicles riding on horses; if regarded as an animal drawn cart in accordance with the regulations, should ride in the non motor vehicle lane, in the absence of non motorized vehicles on the road, the roadway should depend on the right of riding, shall not impede other vehicles and pedestrians; a maximum speed of 15 km; control animal drawn vehicles when crossing the road, the driver shall get traction on livestock; people riding on the road, usually the police humane law enforcement, found away.相关的主题文章: