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Xinhua News Agency: telephone harassment marked thousand times why still crazy disturbing the Xinhua News Agency "Chinese Internet" reporter Yuan Huijing Yu Xianhong recently in Shandong, "Xu Yuyu incident" caused widespread concern. Reporter survey found that a huge number of telephone disturbing events still happen every day, a lot of telecommunications fraud "to hide them". Some users are labeled with tens of thousands of telephone harassment, still mad even harm people. In the face of the public Tucao, some communications operators are rarely as. Experts believe that although the nature of the telephone harassment and Telecommunications fraud, social impact, there are differences, but there are a lot of common, exposing regulatory deficiencies. Telephone harassment into public nuisance, at least 50 harassing phone calls every day, which does not include the interception of mobile phones, loans, invoicing, selling shops…… What kind of have." As a Nanchang company responsible person Yan mention of telephone harassment resonated to reporters immediately, took out a mobile phone to show he received telephone harassment. The 360 mobile phone health mobile phone software, he can call marked "harassment" of "fraud" mortgage "label", so that the next time the same phone can directly hang." But let him puzzled is that a lot of numbers have been labeled as harassment by other users has reached tens of thousands of times, why can dial out to continue to harass others. "Is this phenomenon no one cares?" Chinese Internet association 12321 days before the Reporting Center released data show that nearly half of the year, the average weekly Internet users received 21.3 telephone harassment. At present, China’s Internet users reached 710 million. This estimate down, the number of harassing phone calls received by Chinese users every week amazing. Reporter survey found that harassing phone calls are generally divided into two categories: first, the various sectors of the business marketing, fraud is the behavior of the two. Different from previous years, mass type of SMS harassment, telephone harassment increasingly precise, the public is difficult to refuse to listen, and even deceived. According to the Chinese Internet Association released the "China protect the interests of Internet users report 2016", in recent years, Chinese users caused by spam, fraud information, personal information leaks and other economic losses estimated up to 91 billion 500 million yuan. Harassing phone calls come from? Reporter survey found that crazy telephone harassment, a large part of the network phone. The telephone network, low threshold, do not even need to call landline and mobile phone. Computer can be installed on the phone software, just save calls and speed clearance, 6 cents a minute." A Beijing Internet phone company staff, the software can realize the function of automatic calling, group calling, to display can set for mobile phone number." In addition to Internet telephony, due to the poor implementation of the real name system, the virtual number is also a telephone harassment of the crime tool. Recently, the reporter found in unannounced visits to the old city of Nanchang, some mobile phone repair shop, small supermarket still can not easily buy ID cards of the 171170 segment mobile phone card, and some can even engage in wholesale". Corresponding to the diversification of harassment tools, is a serious leakage of personal information, access to multiple channels reality. Wan Bo (a pseudonym) is the head of a network company in Jiangxi, mainly for corporate design sites and APP. He admitted that the initial development of the company also.相关的主题文章: