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Xinhua News Agency: why the world to the Chinese Communist Party strictly high marks – Sohu news original title: why the world to the Chinese Communist Party strictly high marks on 6 November, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Zheng Hangen) of the CPC held in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, passed the CPC comprehensive strictly go deep go real strong signal. Since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee to fully strictly into "the four overall strategic layout, adhere to the" tiger "," fly ", and severely punish corruption, purify the party political environment, attracted the attention of international public opinion. Some foreign party officials and experts believe that in the critical period of the current development of China, the important issues comprehensive strictly on the work of the party and the country a more prominent position, reflects the CPC leaders the foresight and wisdom of governance, but also reflects the Chinese Communist leaders China mission led people to realize the grand goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s lofty ideals and high aspirations China, not only helps to further economic and social development, to further enhance also contributes to the China influence in the international arena. As the world’s second largest economy and most populous country in the world, Chinese is increasingly closer to the center of the world stage, with more and more important force for world peace and development, and the CPC as the ruling party’s strong leadership and charisma are inseparable. The world’s attention and praise of the comprehensive strictly efforts, one important reason is that the Communist Party maintains advanced sex, is good for the whole world. As a former Egyptian assistant foreign minister Ahmad told reporters? Wali, "we want to see the Chinese continue to strictly, ensure the continued rapid and steady economic growth, driven by global economic growth together". How to manage the party has always been a challenging task since the political party came into being. A political party in the ruling process will be faced with new challenges and tests, only to ensure that with the times, always vigilant to lead the country forward. There are some countries in the world, the ruling party, in the face of their own corruption and other issues, failed to timely self correction, and ultimately lost the ruling position. Indonesia political analyst Li Zhuohui believes that long-term research Chinese problem, since the founding of the Communist Party is strictly China consistent requirements, is the fine tradition of the Communist Party of Chinese, China made great achievements in economic construction of the Communist Party and China strict ideology and style are closely related. Since eighteen, as an important part of comprehensive strictly, the Chinese Communist Party in the anti-corruption issues show a strong will and determination, and put a stepping stone to mark the party and government action, the emergence of new weather effects, especially concern. For the Communist Party of China, which has about 88 million members, the number of Party members more than the total population of Germany, can be achieved in a relatively short period of time to achieve significant results on the issue of corruption, reflecting the Communist Party’s responsibility and play. The United States, "Forbes" magazine said that the CPC achieved remarkable results in the field of anti-corruption, the international community for all to see, generally recognized. The French scholar nice European Institute George? Bruce Joko believes that many countries to effectively solve the problem of corruption without Chinese made such great achievements in a few years, "let the world marvel". Chinese road confidence and system.相关的主题文章: