Xining to Dubai is expected to reach 8 hours — Qinghai channel —

Xining to Dubai is expected to arrive 8 hours – Qinghai Channel – People’s original title: expected 8 hours to arrive in the future, Xining passenger travel to Dubai is expected to achieve 8 hours voyage, the lowest cost is only half of the current fare. This is the news from the Emirates Xining promotion conference in October 13th. The United Arab Emirates Dubai as the Middle East Trade and financial center, located in the "crossroads" of Africa and Europe, hundreds of flights from here Unicom Afro European main city, is one of the world’s most important aviation center, but also Chinese travelers to Europe Africa’s most convenient transit station of A. At present, Xining passengers can only choose to travel from Beijing, Kunming or Dubai to Hongkong for one to two times to arrive, the shortest range also takes 15 hours, the transit trip even more than two days, spend more than 6000 yuan to 9000 yuan. Emirates Airlines Ningxia office brings good news for Qinghai people: Xining citizens can take direct flight from Yinchuan to Dubai, and transfer from Ningxia Yinchuan to Dubai, which is the most convenient and cheap channel for Xining to fly to the middle east. In May 3rd this year, the Dubai, Yinchuan and Zhengzhou routes, which were carried out by Emirates Airlines, were officially opened, and also the first route city opened in the Midwest of china. The airline will bring Yinchuan and Northwest China into the Emirates global airline network, and Yinchuan will only take more than 6 hours to fly to Dubai. From Xining to Yinchuan in just 1 hours of flight, such as, the people of Qinghai to Dubai flight can be shortened to 8 hours. Yinchuan flights to Dubai ticket price is usually around $4000, Emirates also provide exclusive preferential policies for Xining transit passengers to Dubai, Xining is the most economical choice. The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Department of Commerce (port office) responsible person, in addition to the preferential policies of the route, this also brings a number of Xining passengers transit, travel concessions convenience. Yinchuan Hedong Airport provides free meals, free accommodation, free storage within 24 hours or advance delivery service for all transit passengers transferred from Yinchuan. Air travelers who stay between 6 and 24 hours will also enjoy free shuttle buses from the airport to Yinchuan. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)

西宁飞往迪拜有望8小时到达–青海频道–人民网 原标题:有望8小时到达   今后西宁旅客前往迪拜有望实现8小时航程,花费最低仅为目前票价的一半。这是记者10月13日从阿联酋航空西宁推介会上了解到的消息。   阿联酋迪拜作为中东地区经贸金融中心,地处亚非欧“十字路口”,数百条航线从这里联通亚非欧各大重要城市,是世界最重要的航空中心之一,也是中国旅客前往欧洲非洲最便捷的中转站之一。目前,西宁旅客前往迪拜只能选择从北京、昆明或者远至香港转机一到两次才能到达,航程最短也需要15小时,转机旅程甚至超过两天,花费多在6000元至9000元。阿联酋航空宁夏办事处为青海人带来好消息:西宁市民可直接乘坐银川-迪拜的直航班机,从宁夏银川转机前往迪拜,这是西宁飞往中东最便捷、便宜的通道。今年5月3日,由阿联酋航空执飞的迪拜至银川、郑州航线正式开通,也是在中国中西部开通的第一个航线城市。   该航线将银川及中国西北地区纳入阿联酋航空全球航线网络,银川飞迪拜只需要6个多小时。从西宁至银川只需1个多小时航程,这样算来,青海人去往迪拜的航程可缩短至8小时以内。银川直飞迪拜的票价通常在4000元左右,阿航还为西宁中转旅客提供专享优惠政策,是西宁前往迪拜最经济的选择。   宁夏回族自治区商务厅(口岸办)负责人介绍,除了航线优惠政策外,此次还为西宁旅客带来多项中转、旅游优惠便利。银川河东机场为所有经银川中转的旅客提供免费正餐、免费住宿、24小时内免费寄存或提前交运服务。停留时间在6至24小时之间的空空中转旅客还将享受免费机场至银川市区的往返大巴。 (责编:张志平、杨阳)相关的主题文章: