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Xu Yang: Hengda play both wanted to get a slightly impatient [1-1] the report Hengda 6 consecutive Yanbian crowned Paulinho broken stiff ball sports Tencent in October 23rd as a focus of the war of 2016 in the twenty-eighth round, Guangzhou Hengda in Tianhe stadium to draw 1-1 with Yanbian Fu De, which by virtue of this draw in advance 2 wheel lock champion, achieved 6 consecutive super. The former striker Xu Yang as the game commentary review comments. The game was a draw against Yanbian Evergrande Fuld, Hetaijun won the single opportunity and almost broke, Xu Yang then commented: "this game today, Hengda how to adjust the attitude is particularly important." While the opening stage, Yanbian based on the defensive and opportunistic counterattack, which has brought some pressure on Hengda defense, Xu Yang later said: "this is the park taixia want to see the situation. And the game is now, the rhythm is really fast." Then Xu Yang said: "this Hengda a draw or win, will win. While the ‘old coach’ Lippi sat in the stands to watch, so the players’ performance to Hengda are very strong, which also caused some urgent mentality. In short, or to put flat mentality." When the first half into the middle, Xu Yang so commented on Yanbian: Yanbian team’s tactical thinking is very clear, whether it is defensive or counter attack, a look will know that they do a very detailed preparation. However, the treatment of the details of the Yanbian team is still lacking." First half time, Paulinho Hengda Hengda helped break at halftime lead 1-0. In the comments of the first half, Xu Yang said: Hengda mentality is more urgent ah." Then Xu Yang commented: "the strong teams and weak teams where the gap between teams, is at a critical moment can grasp the rhythm, and the team is often in the details of the deal was not good enough." When the second half of the opening, Xu Yang commented: now 1-0, Hengda seems not so anxious, the ball is also more and more, can be said to have gradually controlled the situation on the field." Then Xu Yang said: in the Super League, Hengda many technical data are among the best." When the second half into the middle, Hengda defender continuous cramps, Xu Yang said: Lippi saw this scene, may think, how is going on, how it cramps it, I did not like this." Then Xu Yang said: "the defender has a cramp, and Evergrande has to adjust his defense." The end of the stage, Xu Yang commented: the second half of the Hengda playing very mature and sophisticated. The direct ball is not too much, there is no chance to return, more is to control the rhythm." Eighty-eighth minutes, Kim Seung big Yin assists than garland break Jiangong equaliser, Xu Yang commented: "Pu Taixia put on gold bearing, is the key. The personnel of the defensive line adjustment, so that the location is chaotic, but also to the defense of a loophole." Then Xu Yang said: "Scolari is very anxious on the sidelines, he certainly does not want this is to get the draw to win. But this draw, for the Yanbian team is too critical." In summing up the game, Xu Yang said: this game, it can be said that the two sides have got the results they want it." (Wen Chu)相关的主题文章: