Xu Yingzhen the forum to further highlight the new network platform in Macao meyou

Xu Yingzhen: the forum to further highlight the Macao platform – China News Agency, Beijing in October 14 Macao Xinhua (reporter Longtu) China – Portuguese speaking countries economic and Trade Cooperation Forum (the forum) permanent secretariat 14 held a press conference, introduced the fifth Ministerial Conference of the achievements. The forum Permanent Secretariat Secretary General Xu Yingzhen said at a press conference, the fifth ministerial conference a complete success, the leaders spoke highly of Chinese cooperation and the Portuguese speaking countries economic achievements, strengthening mechanism, enhance the expression level of cooperation forum, Macao will build the platform. Xu Yingzhen introduced during the meeting signed a series of bilateral agreements, promote the economic and trade cooperation to a new level. Signed a new "economic and trade cooperation programme of action" to "The Belt and Road" spirit to lead, to further expand areas of cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation; the newly signed "memorandum of cooperation" to promote the capacity to open a new model of Chinese and the Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation forum. In addition, China is also a series of bilateral cooperation agreements with part of the Portuguese speaking countries signed agreement, the previous record number. The Ministerial Conference attaches great importance to the construction of Macao, the trade cooperation service platform, Xu Yingzhen said: "the 18 new measures to China in 5 is to support the Macao platform for the construction of the content, to support the Macao platform to play a role in terms of the" action plan "in about 1/3. This series of practical initiatives to promote the development of Macao’s economy is more conducive to moderate and diverse, Macao community participation and a sense of gain will be further enhanced." Xu Yingzhen also said that in the fifth ministerial conference, cooperation and Development Fund announced the implementation of the second phase of the $875 million, plus $125 million in the first phase, has achieved $1 billion. (end)相关的主题文章: