Yancheng, a woman was more than a car rolling driver thought it was a piece of cloth (video) chompoo araya

A woman in Yancheng was rolling a car driver thought that piece of cloth is 7 points about the morning of November 14th, near a traffic light in the territory of Binhai County, Yancheng City, a woman whose body was found in a van, had suffered multiple car rolling. Modern Express reporter learned from the police department, because the fog can not see clearly, some drivers think the road crossing is a piece of cloth, the result of careless rolling. The site is located in Binhai County, Binhuai dongzeng 226 (Chen Lilu) and G228 traffic light intersection. According to several cars parked on the roadside of the driver, as the morning mist is too big the view is not clear, the car was rolling several times, passing drivers all thought it was a piece of cloth, finally a white van from the 228 national road traveling from east to west to highway 226 right found lying on the ground is a corpse, it car alarm. From the screen shot of the users, the modern express reporter saw a white van parked on the roadside with double jump, many people around the van after a person lying There were many discussions., and various parts of the body can even see the bones, badly mutilated, because the cloth is wearing clothes, so be very careful to see a corpse. It should be at the accident, the fog is not clear, the dead after accidentally knocked by other vehicles rolling, the specific number of cars is not clear. Binhai police said the dead woman, about 50 years old, is the local villagers, the scene has been dried blood, the specific time of death has yet to be investigated. Expand the video has nothing to do with the original old was no help were the four car rolling scene more than onlookers相关的主题文章: