You kill tsunade! The most respected aunt role

You kill tsunade! The most respected aunt role has been reported a few days ago, the Japanese media survey, the most respected uncle role". And since there is a uncle, then it must not be an aunt, right? Therefore, the media recently updated the ranking on the role of aunt. So what exactly is the answer to the 319 respondents? Take a look at! From the results, ranked first in the role of "silver soul" on potential mother-in-law. Although there is no charm from the appearance of speaking, but the potential role of the mother in the story is self-evident. It is because of her existence, silver did not freeze to death in the street. And she is in a very long period of time to maintain the order of the kabuki. Although the article inside had more harem hardcore plot, but considering the potential of young and beautiful woman climb a flower, so I don’t care about details! Get second of the role for the "summer war" in the array of rong. This is the home of the sixteenth generation of the host, but also the heroine of the Greek grandmother. So from the drama is certainly not comparable to the hero, but her role in the work is very important. And she is not only a wide network of people, but at the age of 89, but still has the ability to wield weapons. In the third row is the role of the doctor Kuleiha. This is from the "One Piece" in the role. I believe that as long as that seen Joe’s story, we can’t ignore the aunt there? Although she is 141 years old, but still maintained a strong vitality, in order to help pay a lot of effort. Although many people think that she is a witch, but does not prevent her help Joe growth. In the version of Volume 82 When re appearance, many people also had a feeling of nostalgia. Ranked fourth role, if you want to call her aunt when her face may be very serious consequences. This is because the "Naruto" inside tsunade. In the plot, one is your mentor Tsunade, on the other hand also provide a lot of benefits. Many of the old drivers about Huoying book, the hero is often Tsunade. Of course, she attracts us most in the battle that time should still be like a lion, Nei’s performance? Fifth characters from the national level animation "miss Isono Funa" conch. Her character is more severe, in the animation can often see her scolding children look like. But perhaps the times are different, in recent years the plot began to change to the type of her mother. But as she dubbed Asou Miyoko also because of age is too large, in the last year announced the replacement for voice. This also triggered a lot of topics at that time. In addition, the "sky" Dora, under the "youyoubaishu" Fantasea, "Duo A dream" the grandmother, "Fullmetal Alchemist" Pina "Totoro" grandma, are also on the list. [respectable aunt role] first to second "silver soul" potential "summer war" third "voyage array wing king" Kuleiha Fourth "Naruto" fifth "conch Tsunade" Miss Ji wild sixth boat "sky city" Dora]相关的主题文章: