Young people of different income levels, you need to invest money

Different income levels of young people you need this investment source: financial knowledge reprinted from the WeChat public number: finance is very simple for a few years of work for young people, if you have some savings, investment should be how to do? In fact, the most afraid of money is to follow suit, listen to the views of financial management division. 1, the income of few young people for young people with little income (in less than 50 thousand years), the financial planner suggested, you can do some investment such as a monthly fixed investment fund investment, hundreds of yuan can be, but it is best to concentrate on how to improve their income have more effect. If the investment base is relatively small, even if there is a good market, asset growth will be relatively slow, so this stage of the young people should put their focus on the occupation of ascension, to learn, and strive to improve their work skills, for this kind of promotion and salary raise, will have more spare cash. 2, income is not high for young people are still not high income (5-10 million), how should we do investment? Financial planners believe that young people have ideals and momentum, and has strong anti risk ability, so we can try some investment funds, risky assets such as stocks. The initial investment amount of these two types of investment requirements is not high, the stock well, each at least 100 shares, if less than $10, then do not invest $1000. Fund investment finance is 1000 yuan, the threshold is not high. Long term investment in stocks and funds, earnings are good. However, they belong to a higher risk of assets, it is recommended that the initial purchase index funds, in addition to try to buy a small amount of stock. 3, the income of young people who are good for those who earn an annual income of -20 million in the 100 thousand young people, they may have some savings. Some may have to buy a house, some temporary housing, so the direction of their investment, in addition to the purchase of some funds and stocks, you can also buy some fixed income products, the portfolio is relatively stable, the annual revenue is expected to reach 7-12%, in fact is not low. In addition, you can try to invest in Internet banking products, the current revenue is basically concentrated in 9-10%. However, it should be noted that, with a certain amount of funds, can not blindly invest. The first half of this year, the spot futures, precious metals investment is fire, a lot of people follow the trend of investment may be a period of time to earn some money, but in the long term, these high risk investment products, it is best to avoid. Once you are addicted to play these investments, it is likely to be disastrous, the price is too large. 4, not bad money and now some young people of good family, or large corporate senior managers, directors, higher income, work and life is not bad money, it is necessary that some young people are some of their own investment. They have a considerable accumulation of funds, you can invest in more varieties, including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, precious metals, Internet banking, etc.. Proposed to do a number of comprehensive asset allocation, asset can be long-term stable value added. Specific can consult the bank professionals, do some personalized exclusive financial solutions.相关的主题文章: