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Yoyo Ma Wu Tong Xinjiang "Qin Sheng ensemble" Silk Road Tuoling – repeat News Agency Beijing in September 18 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Sun Tingwen) 17 evening, in the Silk Road city of Urumqi, Chinese cellist Yoyo Ma and China Sheng performer Wu Tong to perform Cello and Double Concerto "Sheng". With the integration of traditional instruments China Sheng collision sound immense plump Cello and timbre clear, as the ancient Silk Road Tuoling wonderful music. That night, the Fifth China – Asia Europe Expo Chinese and foreign cultural exhibition week – Yoyo Ma and Silk Road Tour Concert held here. Yoyo Ma was born in Paris to Chinese parents, moved to the United States after New York, the works of hundreds of albums, there have been 18 album Grammy Award; Wu Tong was born in Beijing, in writing, singing, musical instruments. 2010 and Yoyo Ma, who won the fifty-second Grammy best crossover Classical Album award. Is the two interpretation of the works "degrees" by Chinese young composer Zhao Lin creation, works based on the Tang Xuanzang "Buddhist records". "Degree" is divided into 3 movements, were named as "phase", "joy", "Enlightenment", to show the different stages of the journey Xuanzang mood in the west. Earlier this month, 12, Yoyo Ma and Wu Tong hand in the ancient city of Xi’an has been the interpretation of the works. Reporters noted that the first half of the concert by the famous conductor: Chinese heat? He just baton tracks selected "the Silk Road" Overture, a famous composer of Xinjiang Nusileti? W Gideon creation of "Hometown", "Gawad Ali Tai" Ai Jie, Kazakh Folk Songs with the band "g" Rhapsody on a theme of the famous Xinjiang Mukamu music. The Xinjiang philharmonic orchestra leader Wang Xiaoliang said, is to invite Yoyo Ma and Wu Tong, China command field and under the baton of leader Yu Long, for the people of Xinjiang are the "big rocks". Hu Yueqian said the audience, did not expect from traditional instruments with such perfect Sheng and cello. It is reported that the Fifth China – Asia Europe Expo will be opened in Urumqi in September 20th, has more than 2000 Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate in. (end)相关的主题文章: