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Yuan Quan pays close attention to children with autism loura explosion quirks public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Yuan Quan children with autism admit eating anxiety loura Yuan Quan Sina entertainment news recently, actor Yuan Quan, loura appeared in Shanghai to help the earth water charity concert. Yuan Quan said it was able to participate in the water of the earth public service is an honor to call attention to the health of children with autism, to use a positive attitude to face difficulties, to cherish the moment. Loura broke his childhood forced to shut the tap quirks, Chenhe for reality show secret. Yuan Quan: simple and happy life to cherish the moment as the 2016 earth water charity ambassador, Yuan Quan said he has been concerned about public welfare activities, has become the ambassador of love very honored, hoping to appeal to more people to pay attention to the kids from the stars". Turning to life in the depressed things, Yuan Quan said everyone will have to use a positive attitude to face. Talk about anxiety, Yuan Quan said he is sometimes eat chowhound, can alleviate the anxiety, "said solution method that everyone is not the same, whether it is work or family, to cherish the moment." Talking about the future work plan, Yuan Quan said, you can play the file, is in rehearsal, I hope you can see this round of "Jane Eyre". Loura blew to Chen for saving a reality show secret charity said on hearing activity Solicitation on decisive promise, the scene also blew water quirks, admits that he saw the dripping faucet will have OCD like to close. The recent work plan, loura said recently in a recording of a reality show, will learn to broke the old partner Chen loura said, "(Chen He said) to relax, be yourself." (Utopia) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: