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Yuyao is a comprehensive market service center illegal reimbursement of travel expenses to be informed of Yuyao a comprehensive market service center was informed of the recent illegal reimbursement of travel expenses, the city party organizations at all levels to thoroughly implement the overall strict requirements, pay close attention to the Communist Party "Chinese self-discipline standards" Chinese "Communist Party disciplinary regulations" China accountability regulations "" Communist Party regulations. The implementation of the construction of the city’s style, situation continues to improve. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to earnestly implement the supervision and discipline of accountability in accordance with the main responsibility for the main industry, more back the more strict discipline requirements, always keep in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems strictly punish situation, and resolutely prevent the four winds problem rebound resurgence, dealt with a number of typical cases, played a better warning deterrent. Such as: Haishu District South Station comprehensive management office party secretary, director Chen Hui 7 times for private use of the unit and the office of law enforcement vehicles, the implementation of the reform of public service vehicles from South Station IMIS since Chen Hui many times the illegal use of the law enforcement vehicles for other general public activities. In addition, Chen Hui also agreed to subordinates through inflated fee for cash reimbursement for 4160 yuan, before the official reception super standard reception fee, the actual reimbursement of 2010 yuan Chen hui. In May 2016, Haishu District Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chen Hui decided to give the party a serious warning, and return the illegal reimbursement and Gongjusiyong costs totaling 4010 yuan. Qiangjiao town Ninghai county Party committee, Minister Jiang Qijing to new house grounds, two times for a banquet, invite relatives and friends and former colleagues in total, non pro personnel accepting gifts 31900 yuan. In July 2016, Ninghai County Commission for Discipline Inspection, decided to give Jiang Qijing party warning, illegal income 31900 yuan to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.相关的主题文章: