Zhang Jike partner Jia Nailiang, see where you run, playing to burn brain (video) () fkzww

Zhang Jike Jia Nailiang "Xu Haiqiao partner, where are you going to play" burn brain [Abstract]11 month 17 days every Thursday 20:00, "the first people to participate in the pursuit of reality show" where are you going ", will be launched in the video Tencent. Today, the program’s lineup is open, Jia Nailiang, Zhang Jike and Xu Haiqiao. Xu Haiqiao determined to join "where are you going" and Zhang Jike Jia Nailiang Jia Nailiang, Zhang Jike Xu Haiqiao, the official team Tencent entertainment news (Wen Mao Yuqian) if there is a "live star hunt", you want to see the running posture, standing posture, burning brain who? November 17th every Thursday 20:00, "the first file all the people involved in the pursuit of reality show" where are you going ", will be launched in the video Tencent. Today, the program lineup released earlier, fixed, Jia Nailiang Zhang Jike and Xu Haiqiao JQK will be composed of "Poogle combination" (from poker and homophonic meaning on arrests) in the online help help (DAO) (Luan), the power of the hunt Master exhausted. "Poogle" the play Aarif Lee Sun Yang force to help out is reported, "where are you going" is a routine and routine anti stimulus program program focuses on the funny hunt, "star capture amateur task. Fixed guest program has been identified as "customer mix": Jia Nailiang (J), (Q), (K). – the show’s a good hand. In the program, 3 fixed guests each play: Jia Nailiang is funny than the military adviser, Xu Haiqiao Zhang Jike is a sports game is a black hole, the poet. In addition, each will have a mysterious large coffee to help out, "3 + 1" pattern. Each of the 4 star 22 team, according to the program group revealed that the team of each program are random, can produce infinite possibilities. At present, the first phase has been determined to help guests "Curve Wrecker male god Aarif Lee, the second period is the high popularity of the Olympic champion Sun Yang, and our prey each team consists of 6 members, they are from all areas of the network, the popularity of red anchor, Master industry etc.. And your "new brain" Zhang Jike, there is a clear requirement to the ability of the partner…… Beware of pig teammates oh. The 4 stars each will hunt for 6 Master in different city, all users can seize the amateur star. How to help 4 stars? All look at the mood of netizens! It can not only provide clues through the barrage, also can give up the stars. Key: October 15th began recording, full live! Zhang Jike’s first regular guest for real spoilers in three refused to fixed guests, Zhang Jike is one of the most difficult to please. On the one hand, he has never acted as a permanent guest in a program; on the other hand, his training is also very heavy. However, "where are you going" but still will deliver the goods he brought! According to producer Zhang Jike said, just want to rest for a period of time, "because the program will be integrated into the physical elements, and we will go to the ten different city, as his country ball champion, can deliver more of the Olympic spirit, leading everyone national fitness, enjoy happy sports." While the other two fixed guests also see where you run full of curiosity. Jia Nailiang likes to live with super strong interactive.相关的主题文章: