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Zhejiang A van overtaking motorcycle users don’t anger brewing disaster risk: This is tantamount to murder video shots before a video circulated in Xiaoshan circle of friends. A van A van in the suspected high-speed road suddenly changed right into the road, hit the normal driving motorcycle. The main driving motorcycle then continuous on tiptoe to protect themselves, even still turn several somersault fall on the ground. The latest news, the owner of the van hit a traffic accident, has been detained by the police. This just ten seconds of video display: October 6th 8 06 PM (tachograph display), a right lane to change lanes to the left lane of the van, because the change is not successful and suddenly to the right to change, in the process of a car is not on the right lane of the motorcycle. The main focus of instability of motorcycle several times without stepping to stabilize the car, even turned over, rolling on the ground for several laps down on the road, but fortunately the owner wears a helmet, after the car far away, not lead to more accidents, looks are not affected by injury. Have you found, this video, don’t motorcycle is a silver van Wuling Hongguang, Hangzhou license. Video is a lot of forwarding users angry: This is tantamount to murder! This video in October 6th after being sent to the Internet, soon attracted a large number of forwarding, users refer to: Van behavior is almost equal to the murder! Many motorcycle enthusiasts group, moyou indignation to fill: "we moyou is the minority group, did not expect to encounter such malicious behavior." Mr Kim said that this video repeatedly watched dozens of times, I feel very angry. This way, Wuling whole overtaking not hit the steering lamp; secondly, a motorcycle in knowing the right front, still forced to change lanes; finally, after the accident, the Wuling but did not stop, but continue to accelerate forward. "This is the extreme disregard for life, a serious provocation to the traffic regulations, the right of way moyou cruel trampling." Mr Kim bluntly the driver’s practice is full of malicious acts of intent, this argument has been a lot of friends support. More netizens angry accusations, such acts of vehicles, is intentional homicide". Netizens human flesh search team, denounce you owe all to a fair! Soon, the car license plate in A Wulingzhiguang owners, by netizens "human" out. Through the friends of the human flesh search, the owner of the vehicle information, ID number, address, phone number and even photos and other information, have been disclosed. Director of a car license, registration place, Xiaoshan Guali town. Many users call the owner’s phone number requires a fair, the number of mobile phone holders on the machine yesterday, until yesterday afternoon, when the reporter is still in a state of power off. After that, users began to send text messages to the number, some text messages are required to apologize to the owner, and some directly open the curse. This is not finished, because the address is also out of the flesh, and soon there are friends of the organization spontaneously, in the evening of October 6th to go to a fair. The owner has been detained.相关的主题文章: