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Zhejiang is washed out bridges repair rest will be reinforced against "malakas" – Sohu news staff are actively collecting scattered wooden bridges Ji Haibo photo Beijing, September 16 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting Intern Chen Jie) typhoon "Meranti" influence, Taishun County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province recently suffered heavy rainfall, disaster. Among them, the heavy bridge and Xue Zhai Qiao, Wen Xing Bridge the three national treasure of ancient bridges by flash floods washed away in an hour. The reporter learned from the Taishun County Heritage Protection Center learned that several bridges currently damaged are emergency repairs, will increase the weight in the rest of bridge beam parts, in order to enhance the stability of the bridge, to prevent the coming typhoon "malakas". Since ancient times, Taishun scattered far mountain road, village, traffic block. Therefore, our ancestors cut paths through mountains, water bridge. Now as the "China bridge town", Taishun existing more than and 970 bridges, ancient bridges 33, of which 15 bridges in 2008 was listed as a national key cultural relics protection units. Which was destroyed by the 3 bridges, is a national key cultural relics protection units. The staff are actively collecting scattered wood bridges Ji Haibo Photo History, Taishun has many bridges destroyed in a flood of experience, but this is why so serious? In the view of Wenzhou umayabashi Culture Association executive president Zhong Xiaobo, a big reason is that a sudden surge in flood. It is reported that, at 13 on September 13th to 15, 23, Taishun average rainfall of 269.6 mm. The morning of September 15th from 8 pm to 13 noon time cumulative average rainfall of 128.4 mm, the largest site of 329 mm, hour rainfall instantly broke historical records of 102.8 mm, the river water level up to a hundred years, and the impact of a wide range of strength. In addition to the above 3 bridges, the Zhejiang provincial cultural relic protection unit of Nanxi bridge is located in Sixi town of Taishun also severely damaged the bridge was washed away by half. Yongqing bridge Luo Yang Zhen Zhou Ling community set bridge and three Quebec town also has a small part of the damaged. "Taishun bridge is almost the whole wooden structure, do not use a nail in the construction process, but the use of force between blocks and blocks of gravity, the bridge support." Zhong Xiaobo told reporters that such a structure, most afraid of is doomed before and after the impact, once broke a bridge, the whole bridge will collapse in a minute. In the past, in order to reduce flood damage to bridges, the villagers will rush in the flood rose before the weight moved to the bridge, the bridge in order to increase the body weight, resist the flood. "But the flood is rising so fast that we have no time to prepare." Zhong Xiaobo expresses regret. After the incident, Taishun local authorities promptly take emergency rescue measures, nearby people spontaneously find bridge member. It is reported that currently three of the bridges was washed away most of its members have been found, three national treasure is expected to re build bridges. The staff are actively collecting scattered wood bridges Ji Haibo photo "Xue Zhai Qiao main timber about 200, now back to about 140, the heavy wooden bridge has been basically recovered." On the evening of 16, Taishun County Heritage Protection Center Director Ji Haibo in an interview recorded)相关的主题文章: