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Zhumadian airport preliminary location in which you look at [Abstract] Henan Pingyu county general aviation construction project has been included in the Henan Province, "13th Five-Year" development plan, to raise funds for construction of multiple channels, accelerate the construction of the city, especially for the community through open tender to choose strong capital, good social reputation legal entity as an investor. Henan Pingyu county general aviation construction project of Henan province has been included in the "13th Five-Year" development plan, the land required for the delimitation of basic farmland in Pingyu county has been incorporated into the permanent local planning and adjustment scheme. For multiple channels to raise funds for construction, accelerate the construction of the city, according to the relevant state bidding laws and regulations, approved by the Pingyu County People’s government, the design, construction and operation of three-in-one mode of operation of the project, especially for the community through open tender to choose funds, social reputable investors as a legal entity. Specific matters now announced as follows: first, the general situation of the project, the project intends to address: 1 the location of Pingyu County wide high-speed middle south. 2, the scale of Construction: this year, China Merchants Henan Pingyu airport project for the first phase of the construction of the Pingyu navigation Industrial Park project, a total investment of 1 billion 300 million yuan, planning and construction land of 3000 acres. Pingyu navigable Industrial Park is one of Pingyu County 2 general airport construction project: the construction of the runway (1200 meters *50 meters), taxiway, apron and hangar, terminal and other facilities. Two is to build aviation training area, living area, flight club and ground service station. Three is the introduction or purchase of the general aircraft for aviation training and navigation services. The navigation service including agricultural production, emergency rescue, medical rescue, aerial remote sensing, air sports, transportation of goods, advertising etc.. After the completion of the Pingyu general airport project, Pingyu navigation Industrial Park started two, the construction of the three phase. The two phase of construction content: first, the construction of logistics park, built a general aviation as a feature, set display, trade, transportation, information, value-added services combined with a comprehensive logistics park. Two is the construction of the general aircraft manufacturing and assembly and navigation related industrial zone, the introduction of general aircraft production lines, the construction of the standard factory production of general aviation aircraft, the introduction of navigation related industries. Construction of the three phase of the content is: the expansion of the general airport, supporting related facilities, reporting Regional Airport freight. Two, the three phase of the project, to be completed after a period of investment. Two, construction conditions: Pingyu, located in the southeast of Henan Province, the two provinces (Henan, Anhui), the city of the three (Zhoukou, Fuyang, Zhumadian) combined with the Ministry of. Pingyu county has a long history, the Xia and Shang Zhi for weeks, Shen Ziguo, Qin County home. Because of the flat, and also is the birthplace of the first vehicle "and" Chinese, named "Pingyu". The county has a total area of 1282 square kilometers, an area of 1 million 340 thousand mu of arable land, population of about 1000000, under the jurisdiction of the township (street), 224 administrative villages (neighborhood committees). Is a national key counties, poverty alleviation and development work and culture Chinese car Township, township, waterproof China construction projects at the national level, the National Health City, civilized city for County, provincial Garden County, Central County, the most investment value. 2, policy support Henan Pingyu county general aviation construction project in Henan province has been included in the "13th Five-Year" development planning, and projects have been approved by the people’s Government of Henan province,.相关的主题文章: